Suzhou student presentations

1. Suzhou’s Kun opera
Costumes made in a traditional Suzhou style using embroided silk feature bright colours and are hand-made with exquisite detailing. Dramatic facial expressions convey mood. Du Li Niang and Liu Meng Mei are some of the most well known actors

2. Food and Markets
We saw a traditional Suzhou food market the style of building and the lanterns is very particular to Suzhou.
A Rice wine shop (see above). A mobile, one person shop / This lady travels on the 3 wheel moped behind her and uses a set of portable scales to weigh her produce. We also learnt how to make Chinese dumplings and were sensibly advised to use water not glue to fix the dumplings

3. Window / Design / Sign design
We saw various examples of signage including this pearls shop sign and this flag which reproduces a well known traditional calligraphic poster.

4. Barrier free design
This presentation focused on design for disability in China — The student explained that is a relatively new design discipline. The examples included a garden specifically designed for visually impaired people with braille annotations and plants carefully selected for their scent.

5. Ambient advertising
This presentation featured various examples of ambient advertising from the city including this branded van

6. Alan Chan and Chen Man
This presentation focused on the work of Alan Chan a successful Chinese graphic designer. The image above is his poster for Beijing Olympics which was informed by traditional Beijing architecture. We also looked at some of his corporate identities and global brands such as Coca Lola. Ending with the work of successful female Chinese photographer Chen Man.

7. Retail display / Window display
A wide range of examples of retail design — and window dressing

8. Chinese Calligraphy
This talk focused on the tools and process involved and showed us the work of calligraphers from a number of different generations including Wang Xizhi, Qi Gong, Guo Moruo

Thanks to all the Suzhou students who presented — it was great to see such a wide variety of examples and it was obvious that a great deal of care and attention had gone into your presentations — well done!!!

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