Swapping questions

Before we ran the Design Dialogue event we wanted the students to locate themes of interest that would form the content of the dialogue. So we asked both UK and Chinese students what they wanted to know about each other design cultures and got them to email us some questions to put to one another. The Chinese students emailed straight away with a long list of queries…the UK students were a bit slower off the mark but we managed to agree some themes with them on the day.

Questions from China
Show us a student’s perspective of the Winchester campus?
Show us what projects have you completed in the first months of your UK graphic arts course?
What are the best / innovative examples of advertising in UK ?
What is typical British food – is it the worst in the world?
What is hot in British fashion design right now?
What does UK graffiti look like? Who are the leading artists?

Questions from UK
Show us some of your student’s graphic arts work?
How does censorship affect your practice?
Who are the most famous Chinese graphic designers and why are they considered the best?
How has traditional art influenced graphic design?
China invented paper is it still important in the digital age?

We plan to discuss these topics in our first web chat next week and decide which we will discuss in our presentations.

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